I have had a long day today and I feel as though I want to sit down and have a blog.

I’ve been awake since 5.30am and I’ve hit the tiredness wall no less than four times. I am shattered to say the least.

I am feeling my normal self again. It’s very welcome. It’s weird when you don’t feel yourself. You can’t imagine ever feeling the way you used to. It’s kind of like when you have the flu or whatever. You feel like crud but no matter how hard you try, you can’t imagine feeling well. It’s the same when you feel fine and you can’t imagine being ill. I dunno what I’m on about.

Today has been a good day. I’ve got some time off next week and I’m looking forward to it.

#077: Pizza Hut and other things

In this episode I talk about my day off with my wife

Who puts a Pizza Hut on a retail park?!

I am very pleased today because I have a day off with my wife. We’re planning on getting our eat on at Pizza Hut. We love going there as it’s one of our places. I really wish though that it was in the town centre. It’s located near a retail park which is annoying when you don’t drive. It’s a bus journey then a 15 minute walk (to get back it’s a 15 minute walk and a bus journey which is worse when you’re full of pizza).

I’m feeling good today though. Things are falling back into place and my life is steadily getting back to normal.

Oops, the laptop battery is about to die. Speak to you later!

That was a close one

Whoa! I nearly forgot to post on my website today. Actually having said that, by posting a podcast episode earlier I did indeed post something. So why am I here? I’m not sure but I figured that I might as well. Good to get into good habits.

I went to my Mum’s and Dad’s house earlier to help install stuff on her laptop but annoyingly, her broadband speed was “dire” (in the words of the customer service guy I spoke to). I hope that her internet problems get resolved soon because it’s a pain in the arse.

I was able to take her old netbook home and finally attempt to install Ubuntu on it. I always convinced myself that it would probably work pretty well. Lo and behold, having installed it, it now works pretty good it’s just a shame that the battery is a pile of poo. Ah well, it’s still pretty good that I can have a back up computer if I need to.

That’s all I’ve done today.

#076: Mindfulness and Stuff

In this episode I talk about Mindfulness, meditation and stuff.