New projects

If I’m honest, I think that I’m slowly moving towards perhaps going through another phase of depression. I can feel it coming. It’s an odd feeling because I know that it’s coming. As I sit here, feeling alright, at the back of my mind I am thinking “Hey, pretty soon I’m gonna feel like crap”.

There are many tell-tale signs going on and I’ve alerted my wife to them. My office has steadily become messy. I am thinking about taking on new projects to distract me from how I’m feeling. I am becoming more restless and the bigger one is that I am cutting down my internet usage. I go through that. I’ve made my Twitter private, I’ve deactivated my Facebook page and I’ve removed loads of apps from my phone. It’s like I want to hide away.

I want to start a new project. Well, an old project. I’ll see how it goes.

I am typing this with my voice

I have been messing around today to see if I can use my phone as a personal assistant. So what I’ve been doing is installing and uninstalling things to see if I can get it to do that. I am currently writing this with voice recognition and it seems to be going pretty well.

I’m also trying to make my tablet better. It’s only a few months old but it is lagging already.

#104: It’s my birthday!

In this birthday special I talk for 31 minutes…