Nearly knocked down by a reckless cyclist!

A cyclist nearly hit me yesterday when they decided to leave the cycle path and mount the pavement to overtake a bus that I was getting on, zooming between me and the bus in the process. I actually felt his arm graze me. Seriously, what the Heck?

Image by John Wigham on Flickr

Image by John Wigham on Flickr

Having done a bit of research it transpires that my long-held belief that cyclists shouldn’t be on pavements (or as they’re legally described “footways“) is right, in fact if caught they face a fine.

I know that cyclists get a lot of flack but it’s idiots like that guy that give them a bad name.

Man with face tattoo pleased it stops him from getting a job

Man with face tattoo (not man mentioned in blog. Image "borrowed" from Damn Cool Pictures)

Man with face tattoo (not man mentioned in blog. Image “borrowed” from Damn Cool Pictures)

I couldn’t believe my ears last week. I heard some woman talk about how her boyfriend’s face tattoo has prevented him from getting a job. The fact that she described it as “the best thing to happen” is slightly disturbing.

Most people don’t want to work but we do because that’s how life is. We have to do it to survive. There is a growing culture where people are actively doing all they can to avoid having to go to work, it’s just wrong. There are many people out there who want to work but for whatever reason are unable to. How is it that fair?

Unfortunately the sort of mentality of Mr and Mrs Face Tattoo is spreading and is becoming a problem.

For clarification I am not having a go at people with facial tattoos. Just the boyfriend of this woman I overheard talking.

Are you going to be a greedy c**t tonight Daddy?

I hear some interesting things when I’m at work.

A little girl

A little girl

The other day I was serving some dude and his two kids. The Dad grabbed some jelly beans and said “These are for Daddy!” There were grumbles from the kid to which the father and I laughed. “I’m going to eat all of these tonight!” He added to which his daughter said “Are you going to be a greedy c**t tonight?”

My mouth lolled open in disbelief. Did this little girl who looked cute and innocent just utter the most offensive swear word? Her Dad’s reaction confirmed this “Don’t say that!” He shouted. “You mean a greedy goat!”

Seriously, what the Heck did I just hear?

Good Friday, at least for retail workers!

May I just start by saying “Hahahaha!” to all the people who don’t have to work today. Certainly sucks for you!

OK, so today is “Good Friday” which is a Bank Holiday. I keep hearing people spout about the lovely 4 day week they’ve got and how they’ve got 5 days off in a row but it makes me chuckle to myself. What are you gonna do with your time? Go out? Everybody is off so the roads are busy! Sit about all day? Nothing special about that!

Photo by Osvaldo Gago at

Photo by Osvaldo Gago at

I get to go to work and do what I do day in, day out and get this, I get paid double! That’s right twice as much money for doing exactly the same job. What’s that? You get a day off and get paid? That was an option for me too. That or being paid my normal pay and having an extra day off when the roads aren’t busy.

Life is hard isn’t it?

A big shout out to everybody else who works in retail… If we didn’t go to work today, the rest of the country would have nothing to do…