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The news according to Facebook

I read earlier that Facebook “curates” the news it shows on their “trending news” section and although it doesn’t surprise me at all I think that they should not do that.

Why it is important to vote

The simple act of voting makes a difference, you’re a vote that every political party needs so in a roundabout way, your vote matters.

Why I’m now anti-Google and anti-Amazon

Google’s services are all free because with every service you use with them, they are collecting data from you.

So Google have been following me in my every day life…

It turned out that through Google Maps, Google were keeping a record of all the places I visited. It was so creepy.

We freely give our information to the internet and it makes me uncomfortable

Every search you make on Google is saved. They keep a history of all your searches on their services and compile them to make a profile of you.

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