The caveat

I’ve meant to post something of worth today but I cannot muster it. Earlier I sat in bed with the intention of doing something longer than I have been. Nothing came.

So far, my blog has seen me posting something I’ve tweeted and I go into more information. That’s the caveat of my return to Twitter, I won’t post anything unless I am prepared to go into more detail about it on my blog. It’s stopped me from posting to Twitter today because I’ve had a long boring day.

I tried almond milk. I’ve had it before but I am not a fan. I’ve recently transferred over from cows milk to goats milk. It’s healthier and easier to digest. It’s also helps some skin conditions. Interesting huh?

First week.

I came out of blogging retirement last week and I have realised something. I missed it. Like, I really missed it.

I’ve come to learn that I blog when I’m happy and when I disappear from the internet I’m unhappy. The fact that I’m posting again has shown me that I am on my way to being happy again.

I have been awake for far too long already today. I keep staring into space and taking long pauses from typing.

I am a Douglas Coupland fan

I was at work when my phone pinged off to tell me that Netflix UK has added a TV show based on “jPod” by Douglas Coupland. It was the book that made me fall in love with the writings of his.

I’m in the last month of a reading challenge and a good chunk of it is Douglas Coupland. From memory, this year I have read the following of his books:

  • Generation X
  • Generation A
  • Hey Nostradamus
  • Microserfs
  • Shampoo Planet
  • Girlfriend in a Coma

I’ve also read these books by him too:

  • jPod
  • Miss Wyoming
  • Worst. Person. Ever.
  • Player One.
  • Highly Inappropriate Tales For Young People

Maybe next year I’ll start stalking him.

I usually get my books second hand or I go to the Wordery. It’s better than using Amazon.

I’m on the “DuckSide”

I know that I seem like some tinfoil wearing nutter who is paranoid over nothing but it is concerning how much information gets collected about you on the internet. I use a website called “DuckDuckGo” when I search for things online. They don’t track you nor do they sell ads based on your “anonymous profile”.

I also do not use Amazon.

For books I go to the Wordery and for my music downloads I go to 7digital. I am on a quest to leave the smallest digital footprint I can.