My definition of “YOLO”

1024px-Rusty_trolliesA buzz word that was popular recently was the phrase “YOLO”. For people living under a rock it means “You only live once”. It means that you should live you life to the full but it has been lost in translation when people saw it as an opportunity to be reckless and obnoxious because “you only live once” so do anything you want or you’ll regret it.

I have been witness to people shouting “YOLO” whilst doing dangerous things and have even seen “#YOLO” spray painted on the side of a Quakers Meeting House.

Whilst “you only live once” is true, this misinterpretation could ruin or tarnish the life you only have one of. Doing dumb things just for the thrill of it isn’t a good idea because you can end up seriously hurt or dead.

My interpretation of “YOLO” is that “You only live once” so be the best person you can be and don’t be a dick.

Photo by Steve Evans on Flickr

Summer School Holidays

For the next six weeks, it’s the school holidays. Working in retail, it would be my least favourite time of the year but I feel different this year.

Image by Anthere on Wikimedia Commons
Image by Anthere on Wikimedia Commons

I have to admit that I was a little shocked to find out the school had broken up for kids in Norfolk yesterday. I was on my way to work and I noticed that there was lots of children. I looked at my watch and realised the date. I took a deep breath to brace myself for the influx of children where I work.

The thing is, I don’t really have much to do with children. I was one once and since then I grew to dislike them. This was down to a variety of reasons but the main one being how annoying I found them. Not today though. I found myself being taken back in time to how excited I was on the first day of the summer holidays. How I felt like the king of the world with a month and a half of no school.

I watched as kids, giddy with excitement skipped around, having fun. This would have annoyed me before but I felt happy for them.

It’s true there were a few kids here and there that annoyed me but it was OK. I remembered that they are young and aren’t familiar with the idea of personal boundaries. Basically, they don’t know better.

These feelings might only last today but I hope not. Maybe I have finally turned another corner and don’t get annoyed by children any more.

Missing My Meditation Messed Up My Day

Image by RelaxingMusic on Flickr
Image by RelaxingMusic on Flickr

The other day I missed my daily morning meditation and I felt the effects of it. I don’t know if it down to that but it’s too much of a coincidence for it not to be…


Don’t forget to hydrate yourself!

As the temperature has started to increase, we’re all going to need to hydrate ourselves more. I’m terrible for it and I’m sure others are the same too.


Why it’s important that we hydrate ourselves
Last week it was hot. Like really hot and I noticed that two days running I was getting headaches. In general, I don’t get headaches. They weren’t full-blown “I need to stay in bed” headaches, just a slightly nagging one. On the third day I realised, it was because I was dehydrated. Rather than take paracetamol I decided to drink water each time my headache started to show its ugly face. It got rid of it almost instantly.

How much water should we drink?
The NHS recommends that we should drink two litres (that’s about 3.5 pints) every day (more in hot weather). It seems a lot but there are ways to not make it seem so bad. There are apps that help you keep track of what you drink so you can turn it into a game. Personally I have a 500ml bottle that I use. I try drink 4 of those each day.

What are the benefits of drinking more water?
Some time ago, I took a challenge that tried to encourage people to drink more water. At the end of it, I was full of energy and just felt great. It can also improve your skin!

Don’t see this as a challenge!
The problem with 30 day challenges is that when the time lapses, we go back to not doing the thing we set out to do in the challenge. Don’t see that drinking more water over a certain amount of days as a challenge, see it as a new habit to get into for the rest of your life. You’ll feel better for it!


Sleep talking and night-time craziness

Franz_Müller-Münster_-_Stürmen_und_Drängen,_1902Because of the recent spell of warm weather I have found myself unable to sleep well at night. So has my wife which is clear by our sleep talking and night-time craziness.

Night time mumblings
I’ve always been a sleep talker and I’ve always found it interesting the things that people say in their sleep. Especially when they don’t know why they’ve said it. The other night, my wife said “What did he bring? I’m so confused!” and “What the actual fuck?”. It was a busy night as later I found myself waking up, convinced that a load of bricks were going to fall through the ceiling and crush my wife and I had to act quickly to save her, so I started to lift her out of bed. She wasn’t impressed when she woke but then couldn’t stop laughing when I told her what I say doing.

Do dreams mean anything?
The stuff our minds conjures up in our sleep is fascinating. I don’t believe that our dreams hold any mystical meaning and that any interpretation is down to whoever had the dream because our minds work in its own way and that red socks means something different to everybody.

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