Sometimes we should gently push ourselves

meLast year I did a post called “Power through the bad days“. In it I outlined the importance of pushing yourself to do something when you don’t feel like it. I know personally how important it is to do that.

I set myself a goal last May to publish something at least once a day on this blog. Somehow, through some crazy miracle and some determination I have managed to do it. Did I feel like doing it every single day? Hell no! Definitely not. Somedays it’s been a real struggle and it was those days that I remembered that I need to power through it. It would have been very easy for me to have thought “Ah bugger it, it doesn’t matter. I’ll post two things tomorrow.” but I didn’t. Yes, the quality of my work might not have been as good as it should have been on those days but at least I showed myself that I was capable of pushing myself should I need to.

This doesn’t translate to everything in life. It’s more aimed at challenges and daily habits we all try form occasionally. If we gently push ourselves it’s good for us. Sometimes we do need it to do the stuff we should be doing, even if we don’t want to.

People questioning my integrity

I think of myself as an honest, genuine person. If somebody asks me my honest opinion about something I will give it to them. It’s how I lead my life, be it at home or at work.

It bugs me though when I’m at work with a customer and I give my honest opinion about a drink or a snack and then they say “well you would say that cos you work here” but that’s really not the case. What prompted me to write this though was something a customer said to me the other day. They were buying a cake and I told them it was my favourite one that we sell. I don’t eat many of the things we sell at work but that cake specifically I love. The customer then said “I bet another cake is your favourite to somebody else”. I didn’t know what to say. They were questioning my integrity and it really annoyed me.

Yes I work in the hospitality trade but it doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of automaton that will just agree with what ever our customers say. It’s true what they say, in retail and the hospitality trade you need sincerity and if you can fake that, you’ve got it made. There are people out there who will say anything to increase sales but not all of us.

Just because I work with in a customer based profession doesn’t mean that I’m a liar.

Rant over (at least here).

#090: Soap in my eye

In this episode I talk about getting soap in my eye.

Nazi Cutlery

7:24AM: It’s early on my day off but I don’t care. I want to make the most of today!
8:26AM: Do you ever wish you stayed asleep rather than get up early? I’ve just done that… Ah well!
10:38AM: Yay! My bank has finally made me contactless!
11:57AM: I’ve had such a productive morning. Now to meet my wife for McDonald’s and then grocery shopping.
12:10PM: Man I wish there was a McDonald’s in Gorleston. I would always be in there!
12:20PM: I’m feeling really good today! It’s sunny and I get to spend the afternoon with my family.
12:31PM: Cripes! A pinch warm or today. I’m hungry and thirsty. Can’t wait for my wife to finish work so we can get our burgers on!
12:33PM: Bugger. Forgot it was half term. Ah well, I’m out now…
12:50PM: Man I love McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.
1:21PM: Stuffy, crowded bus, smells like wee wee. Welcome to Great Yarmouth!
2:34PM: Hmm Aldi is busy!
2:53PM: Jeez, traffic is a bit crazy in Great Yarmouth.
3:31PM: Grocery shopping done. Now to my parents house to see my sister, niece and nephew.
5:02PM: Two words I’ve never seen together…


8:38PM: Well that’s me done for today. Catch you all tomorrow!

Explore how you feel through writing a journal

journal_openI have long been an advocate for writing a journal. From a personal perspective I have found that it has helped me deal with a lot of confusion and thoughts that would have just continued swirling in my mind had I not committed them to paper.

Our brains have a capacity. We can only hold a certain amount of information in there. Imagine your mind is like a big saucepan. You keep throwing in thoughts, feelings and ideas. Eventually it’ll become full and you’ll find it difficult (but not impossible) to think things over and think clearly, there is simply no space for you to make head or tail of what is going on. That’s where a journal comes in. It gives you a place to put thoughts and feelings to properly have a look at them, digest and mull them over. (This analogy might be a bit rubbish but hopefully you’ll get what I’m trying to say).

Journals also offer you the opportunity to do a bit of thought association. When you start to write things out it might remind you of something else that might help you sort out the way you’re feeling.

I’ve said it many times before but it’s a kind of therapy.

Recently I felt really positive that I took out my journal and I wrote down exactly how I was feeling, why I was (perhaps) feeling that way in the hope that it’ll give me answers down the line about how to feel that way again.

You won’t get what I’m talking about until you give it a go!