A disappearing act

I watched a TV show called “Hunted”. The premise is simple, a bunch of random people do their best to go on the run and remain undetected for 28 days. It’s something that I find very interesting. Can someone truly just disappear?

Some of my favourite things to read about involve people disappearing: Jack the Ripper, Lord Lucan, Shergar, Andy Kaufman etc. There is something very facinating about that kind of thing.

I’ve tried to write a few short stories and novels about such a topic but they always end up too biographical for my liking.

I love the mystery of someone vanishing.

Maybe one day, I’ll try it out.

Bye bye to Netflix

I have been a subscriber to Netflix for over a year however I have cancelled my subscription. There is a reason for that and that is, I just don’t use it enough. In fact, the reason we were using it was to watch the episodes of the US version of “The Office” that we haven’t got on DVD and they’ve got rid of it. Well, there’s no point paying for a service we won’t be using any time soon.

I liked Netflix, the problem with it is that it is rarely updated with things I want to see. I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime (not just for the TV and Music stuff but more the next day delivery stuff) and a lot of the things I want to watch are also on there.

It’ll be weird not having Netflix. It’s always been a good back up for when there is nothing on TV. It’s a bit like when I cancelled my subscription to Spotify. I worked out that rather than paying £10 a month to listen to the same albums, it’s probably cheaper for me to buy them outright and listen to them for the rest of my life.

It was fun and I saw a lot of great documentaries but the time has come for me to not have Netflix.

Two full days without Facebook

On Sunday I said that I wasn’t going to log into Facebook for as long as I can and I haven’t logged in for two days. I feel good about it but it’s intriguing how many times I’ve almost logged in.

The first day was difficult because I’m still in the habit of logging in when I go online. I nearly logged in to change a few setting but I decided against it. I was going to go into “super lock down mode” which means nobody can see anything I’ve ever posted. I thought better of it because I want my family to see photos that I’ve posted.

The second day was different. I had a long day at work so that meant that there wasn’t a Heck of a lot of time for me to spend online. There were a few moments through the day when I thought that “I wonder if anyone has posted anything?” and there were also a couple of times when I thought to myself “Oh I might post something” but then I didn’t.

From my own personal experience:

  • I don’t care what you’re eating.
  • I don’t care about what you’re watching.
  • I don’t care what you’re reading.
  • I don’t care what you’re doing.

This may sound harsh but it’s true. The ironic thing is, I’ve posted all this information on every social network I’ve ever been on.

I stopped myself creating a Tumblr yesterday. I am however toying with making myself a homepage, like the olden days.

…and relax

“Aaaah” is the noise coming from my mouth now. In my job we have audits etc and the lady who does those came in. We passed and now I don’t have to worry about it for another few months. Woot!

I have had a long day though today. I actually went in earlier to help with it.

I will get back on to my 500 word a day challenge tomorrow.

Sleepy boy.

Tired Carl

I bought a keyboard so that I could write my blog whenever I wanted to.  Honestly, I hardly ever use it these days.

I am very tired. I’ve been awake since 6am.

After I finished work, I stayed at work to tidy my office. It looks so much better. It transpires that the guy before me was an undiagnosed hoarder. So much useless stuff that was being kept. I am ruthless when I tidy, I’ll throw out everything that I don’t need.

I feel good about it. I have needed to do that for a few months now.

Oh yeah, I’ve got my 3DS out now. Playing Tetris etc.

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