Waking up AFTER 7am

Today was the first day all this week that I didn’t wake up before 7am. It was lovely. I woke up 9.30am (well 8.30am in old money). It feels very nice to not already be tired.

Last night the wife and I went to the Harvester in Lowestoft. It was really nice there. The service was great and the food was even better. For dessert I had pancakes. Before I went in I reminded myself to take a picture for my blog but I forgot. I am a bad blogger.

Today my plans are simple. I’m going into Great Yarmouth to do our monthly grocery shop. Aldi, Lidl and Asda. Our fridge and cupboard are bare.

That’s all for today. Listener of my podcast will be glad to know that I am feeling good in myself today.

In The Moment

The last two days I’ve done things in the moment. There was no preplanning or anything, I just did them. I sat in a park yesterday and ate some lunch. I was just going to go straight home. I’m glad I didn’t, it was a nice day.

Today I fancied having a meatball marinara from Subway so I had one. Again, I didn’t think about i, I just did it.

I like when these little moments happen. It’s alright to have plans but some of the more fun things are the things that you don’t plan.

I’m going on a date with my wife later. I can’t wait. I’ve been looking forward to it all day!


I want to start a new project. I don’t know what it is that I want to do but I feel as though I want to get my teeth into something new.

I go through phases like this but usually I have an idea of what I want to do. All I know is that I want to do something to do with the internet. Probably a new website or something like that.

I think I want to do something I just don’t know what it is.

I hate when that happens.

I do however know why I want to do something. It’s because my brain wants me to do something to distract it.

#061: Episode Sixty One

In this episode I talk about stuff.