Going out for dinner

I’ve been with my wife for 7 years and we’ve never been in a financial situation where we can go out for dinner that much. Most of our collective income disappeared on bills etc. However I always said that if I was ever able to get a full-time job I would take the wife out more.

It may not seem a lot but I have promised that we’d go out at least once a month. A couple of days ago we went to the new pub and carvery that has popped up in Great Yarmouth “The Grayling”. I’m not going to review it in great detail. We really liked it and we’ll be going back at some point.

"Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01-cropped" by Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg: by robbie jimderivative work: Jocian - This file was derived from:Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
“Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01-cropped” by Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg: by robbie jimderivative work: Jocian – This file was derived from:Traditional.Sunday.Roast-01.jpg. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

What was interesting was how it worked. It was like Nandos. The waiting staff didn’t take our order, we had to go to the bar to order. Want a desert? You need to go to the bar again to order it. Staff brought things out but that’s as far as it went and I liked it. It felt weird not leaving a tip but who would we have tipped?

I didn’t want to brave the carvery. I’ve heard horror stories of people at carvery style places, people losing limbs in the mad rush of meat and gravy. I just had a bacon burger.

Mr Dylan is alseep.

Sleepy head

Yesterday I was walking around at work and it like felt my head was full of fog. My brain wasn’t working that well because I had four hours sleep and had an early start.

I made myself a nest

I woke up at 2.30am then I couldn’t get back to sleep until 4. It really sucked. I just lied there, wide awake doing my best to go to sleep but to no avail. I managed to drift off eventually for my wife’s alarm to go off at 4.30 because she also had an early start. I somehow managed to sleep again, having set my alarm to go 15 minutes later than I originally set it because I wanted to get as much sleep as I could, even if it meant that I’d have 35 minutes to get ready and leave for work.

I felt crummy most of the day!

Today however, I have a day off and I woke up at 9am as my wife texted me. Last night I must have had nine plus hours. I never sleep that much. I must have been really shattered!



Yesterday I had an odd day. I was in a fantastic mood and at work I couldn’t help but make fun of the students who come in who buy one drink between three of them.

Me and my gob
Me and my gob

My dad always told me that you can say what you like to someone as long as you say it the correct way. I took an order from one of a group of three student males, when I asked the other two what they were having they said nothing. Before I knew it, I had called them “cheapskates”. Now, on a screen, out of context with all the affectation removed from those words it might seem as though I was being horrible. I laughed, the students laughed. All is OK.

Having said all of this, if this story is retold by someone else, I daresay that I’ll be made out to have been mean to them. I guess that’s a risk I took.

a clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange

The wife and I watched “A Clockwork Orange” last night. It’s one of our perennial films that we have to watch every now and again (other films include “Office Space”, “The Shining” and “Clerks”).

clockwork-horrorIt’s one of our films. In fact, when we got married we had “Title Music From A Clockwork Orange” playing in the background (before we were about to begin, the registrar asked us “Are you sure you want that played?”) I have interesting memories surrounding “A Clockwork Orange”. It was one of the first times that I had encountered an “anti-hero”. It was an odd emotion that I was on the side of someone who was really bad.

I know it’s often described as a masterpiece but there are so many thing in that film that take my breath away. For me, the only film that trumps it’s direction and acting is “The Shining”. I guess I just like Stanley Kubrick.

The other odd thing is that when we decide to watch our films, we both decide almost on the same day saying “We’re about due to watch it”…


My wife cured my hiccups

Yesterday I got the hiccups. I hate having hiccups, it’s annoying and I make a weird noise when I hiccup.

My wife had already gone up to bed so I was downstairs turning off all the lights. As I walked past the stairs my wife jumped out and shouted loudly. I literally shat in my pants. I felt foolish so I shouted “WE SAID WE WEREN’T GONNA MAKE EACH OTHER JUMP ANY MORE!” and then I sulked for a few moments. My wife then asked “Are your hiccups gone?”

Constipated face 'cos why not?
Constipated face ‘cos why not?

I stopped sulking for a moment and thought, I hadn’t hiccupped for a few moments. “They have stopped but I don’t like being made to jump”. I felt awful, I snapped at my wife when she was doing something nice for me. She cured my hiccups. It’s not a myth! Being startled cures hiccups.

I still hate being made to jump.

Thinkerist, ponderer and nice guy.

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