Answering the call

I keep hearing my name being called from the internet. It’s as if there is part of my brain that has a need for it. It’s like a friend I used to hang out with but we grew apart (although it was me that wasn’t returning the calls and blanked the internet when we passed in the street.)

I don’t know why I’m here now. I guess I feel inspired. I watched a video of a dude who gave up his daily vlog. I’ve come across him a couple a times in the past but nothing other than that. I watched a couple more of his videos and his enthusiasm reminded me a lot of my enthusiasm way back. The irony is, the dude is actually older than me. It made me see that I’m not too old to live with a little bit of fantasy.

I’d like to say I’m going to post more but I only want to share stuff I’m happy with creatively.

I suppose it’s a matter of time before I start up in Twitter again…