I’m treating each post like it’s my last

I have actively not posted on my blog for a while because I wanted to see if I wanted to do it properly again. I’ve had ideas swirling around my head for what I want to do with it and I have decided that I want to give it another go. I’m treating each post like it’s my last because I know that I will give up on it eventually.

I don’t see giving up on something as bad. I think that it shows strength and courage to say “Do you know what? I’m done.” It’s not an easy decision to make but it is important.

I have a busy life. I say busy, I work as a manager in a coffee shop and I’m at work a lot. When I get home from work I want to veg out on the sofa and just get on with relaxing. It doesn’t leave me with much time for creativity. I am now going to set time aside for me to do that again. I have managed to set time aside to do my twice weekly podcast so I’ll do that for writing too. I need to work out what I am able to do and how I can better manage my time.

Time. That’s always an issue.

I never thought that I’d be someone who would have to set time aside for creativity or fun. Can an allocated time for fun truly be fun? It’s like school, you’re on your best behaviour when you’re there and when you leave it’s like you can flip a switch and you can let your hair down. I don’t want to sound like one of those pictures that people post on Facebook which reads something like “Make time to do the things you love” but that is exactly what I’m saying to myself.

So what is the plan? I don’t really have one. I’m not going to commit to a posting schedule unless I’m able to. I record my twice weekly podcast in advance and trickle out episodes. I’ll do that here too. Since I haven’t got anything ready to go yet I’ll have to work out the finer details.

I’m also back on Twitter. I am treating it like it’s the edited highlights of being around me. I’m going to curate. What a geek right? “I’m going to curate things that I think are worth sharing.” We all do it. Maybe not on a conscious level but when we talk to people we make sure that’s we’re sharing the important things. (Social networks are obviously a more extreme version of that.)

I’m still on my quest to become the best version of myself and that is what my blog is about; my journey of personal growth and hopefully it’ll be of some value to the people who read it too.