A testament to my recent feelings

I visited my local post office earlier and I admit that I did speed up my walking pace to overtake an old lady so I wasn’t behind her in the queue. It’s only one person but it still means waiting longer.

When I go to the Post Office I always think that it’s not a place to go if you’re in a rush. It’s really not a place you can “pop into”.

Anyway, I overtook an old lady and she started to wait behind me. There was a slight gap in the queue and she loudly complained that people should move up. She was on her own so I’m assuming she was talking to me. People moved up and then she saw that only two people were serving was a testament to my recent feelings. She loudly said “I can’t believe only two people are on”. She then proceeded to continually tut and sigh. She was working herself up into a right state, over essentially not much at all. (I’m assuming the reason there are two people behind the counter serving is to save labour costs as they can’t afford to have another person in to serve this old lady.)

I find other people so perplexing. I admit that I did speed up to overtake this lady and to not be such a hypocrite I could have let her in front of me to appease her but I was running an errand for work and didn’t have the time to wait around too long. Beside, it was interesting to see this lady’s reaction.