I couldn’t help but laugh at people today

I spend most of my time around people and I love to watch them. They act and react in ways which I cannot wrap my head around most of the time.

I find people’s body language intriguing. Why are they sitting like that? Why are they leaning? Why are their arms folded? Don’t get me started with their facial expressions. I’ve not studied this stuff but I find it fascinating.

There are people who do their best to push their luck and then act innocent when they’re called out for it. The people who are the most interesting ones are the ones who don’t believe what you say and have to double-check things. I remember someone asked me if the air conditioning was on. It was, they didn’t believe me, then they went over to it to put their hand in front of it to “make sure”.

I was speaking to a gentleman earlier and he said that most people’s problem is that they think they’re better than everyone else and I agree with that completely. I myself must feel superior to other because I’m sharing my opinion as though I’m completely right but it’s all subjective. Everything is subjective.

I couldn’t help but laugh at people today. They’re ridiculous.