I feel like another species

Last week I had a moment of realisation and since that day I have looked at things in a new way. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing but I feel more positive and optimistic. I feel as though things in life are pretty silly and they should be treated that way. We all get carried away with things and if you take yourself out of that situation for long enough we can see we’re acting like fools.

That may sound like I’m being mean or dissmisive about the way people are and I guess I am. I see people acting in a way that they’re used to, thinking in a way that they’ve been conditioned and it’s weird. I have always found it hard to understand people but now I feel like another species. It’s so hard to explain. I see people walking around, looking at all the shiny things, giving people looks, acting selfishly and it’s amusing. At times I can’t help but actually laugh out loud.

I feel as though I want to give daily blogging a go again.