Setting Myself Free

We live in a digital world. To avoid technology you need to make a real effort. It’s easier to just give yourself over to it and slowly let it take you over. I am someone who embraced the internet and slowly it began to control me. I’m so connected that I feel that I need to sever the ties.

Last night I received some emails sent to my personal email address from my boss. It was frustrating because I was at home and no longer at work. It was invading my personal time when I was “off the clock”. I work in a coffee shop and unless I’m at work, there’s nothing I can do about anything, especially not at 7pm after the shop has closed and I’m sitting in my pajamas watching TV. I work full-time so I like to switch off when I get home and this doesn’t help.

I also get a lot of WhatsApp messages from various people. I liked the idea of WhatsApp, however I feel it gets abused. People love it because it let’s them keep track of who’s read what message and the last time someone logged in so they know if their message is being screened. The most annoying thing about WhatsApp is the group chat function. Any of your contacts can add you to a group chat and there’s some unwritten rule that forbids you to leave a group without upsetting someone. I can honestly say that I’ve never received important, time sensitive information through WhatsApp.

So what have I done? I’ve set up a “work email” and any work related emails sent to my personal email address will get forwarded directly to that. I will only check that email address whilst I’m at work. I’ve also got rid of WhatsApp. I didn’t hesitate for a second with that one. People can still send me text messages and I’ve always said that if something is super important, the person would phone me.

It feels liberating. My phone has hardly pinged off today and I love it.