I’ve been off the internet for a few days

I am reducing the time I spend on the internet, I am distancing myself from the act of browsing and just wasting time on there. I have set up a bunch of ways for me keep posting stuff without the hassle. Thank God for IFTTT.

One of the ways I’m going to update my blog is something I’m calling a “Brain Dump”. IFTTT lets me write text and it’ll publish it here on my blog. It’s raw text just dumped straight in to a post if people want to read it but you don’t have to. I will then once a week go through all these dumps and elaborate further on them in one or two posts.

Another way I’m distancing myself is not searching for stuff as and when I want to find things out. I’m writing it down to search in one big chunk. It’s really interesting. More satisfying than just searching for things randomly.

Mailing lists are also fantastic. IFTTT makes mailing lists for you through the power of RSS. Another great way IFTTT are helping me just get on with my life. Amazing.

I’ve set up a daily email digest of the emails that get sent to my main address so I can see if it’s worth me checking it (I have a super private email address that only a few people know about. This stops people I don’t want contacting me from doing that).