No net for four days

10:13AM: Woke up this morning about 8am. Had giant crumpets with maple syrup for breakfast. I watched “Horrible Histories” which I really like. For a kids show it’s actually really funny. Talking about really funny, our madcap neighbours are still throwing crap into our garden. This time, a broken hula hoop. It’s amusing because the wife and I don’t have kids so why would we have a broken toy in our garden? People are odd.

2:48PM: Just finished doing the washing up. I spent this morning writing in my journal and listening to music. It’s what I enjoy doing when I have a day off. I like to take an inward look at what is going on in my brain and what it is I want to achieve. Part of me wants to abandon the internet more. I’ve not been on the internet per se for four days. I’ve not noticed the difference. I enjoy doing what I’m doing be it a podcast or a blog post but I’m happy to stop doing them. I won’t lose sleep over it. I love the idea of not being on the internet as a content provider. I’ll see how I’ll feel in a couple of weeks.