I felt rested

I got up this morning quite early. I felt rested so I didn’t mind so much. As always I looked out the window and saw that it was hammering it down. I was going to sit in the garden today but that wasn’t on the cards. Instead I made a cup of tea so I could read.

A little later, I watched some morning TV and did some tweeting. Tweeting is fun as long as you don’t let it distract you too much. That can be said about most things in life, especially technology. For the first time in ages I was getting retweets. What the?

My wife went to work and I did the washing up, had lunch and watched “Doctor Strange”. I’m a Marvel virgin (in fact, I don’t watch that entire genre of films. I’m not up on superheroes etc). I really liked it. It was interesting to me.

Later on, I decided to meditate and listen to some records. I don’t ask a lot in life and today I got that. Lovely stuff.