YouTube Rabbit Hole

I just fell down the YouTube rabbit hole. I’m waiting for my brother to ring me and I decided to kill some time by watching a few videos here and there and I found myself watching videos about the abandoned house from the English TV show “Tots TV”. I find these sorts of videos interesting as it gives a view of familiar places from years ago.

Abandoned places are a shame. It’s a shame that these places are more or less forgotten about, probably because of monetary reasons. Is it bad that I looked at the Tots TV house and tried to work out if it was liveable.

I think most places are liveable so long as you don’t care about comfort or security.

As a person who shuns mindlessly using the internet, you may think it’s incredibly hypocritical of me to sit down and watch a bunch of YouTube videos. Well I’m not. I wanted to specifically do that. It wasn’t distracting me away from what I was doing, it was what I was doing.

Also, I got a comic today. Volume one of “Rick and Morty”. I used to read comics. “Ren and Stimpy”, “Beavis and Butthead” and “The Simpsons”. “Rick and Morty” is a cartoon that I would have loved as a child. It makes me happy that it exists.