It’s liberating to let go of things you don’t enjoy any more

I’ve recorded a podcast series for the last two years however I feel that I cannot give it the attention I used to give it. If anything I think that the quality has started to suffer and that I’ve run out of things to say. I don’t script the episodes I just sit down to record and then upload whatever I said. I record a lot of episodes and trickle them out twice a week. It’s a great plan but it does sometimes have large gaps between recording and I find that my mind set can change between sessions.

It doesn’t have an audience, I don’t look at how many people listen to it, I just do it because I love doing it but I’ve stopped enjoying it.

I just recorded an episode to be published on the 15th June. Midway through the episode I decided that I didn’t want to record any more. I actually decided mid-episode that I am going to stop recording it. It was liberating. I wrapped up the episode and felt great.

There are things we all do that we feel obliged to do, be it sharing our lives on social media or whatever. As soon as it becomes unenjoyable we need to abandon it. I’m not saying cut yourself off from everything you do r that we should just seek out the things that bring us pleasure. If you have stopped enjoying something you don’t have to do, why would you continue to do it? It doesn’t make sense.

You can get a feeling of letting people down or that you’re missing out on certain things but that is not enough to continue to do things. By continuing to do something you might be sucking out the fun for other people or devaluing what you’ve worked hard on (like the Police Academy films).