Distracting myself with retro

When I go through my depressed moments in life I tend to cling onto my past. Things that made me happy as a kid should surely make me happy as an adult. Right?

This does work up to an extent. The sense of nostalgia takes me back to a time where I didn’t have the problems I have now. It works well as a distraction for a little while but soon after the initial thump of retro happiness has worn off, I’m back to where I started.

I think I’m going through this at the moment however I am completely aware of what’s going on. I’ve just bought some Gameboy Color stuff on eBay (whilst having a clearout at my parents house a few months ago I found my GBC and one of the buttons don’t really work so I’ve bought a repair kit as well as a replacement copy of “Tetris” since I seem to be without mine).

Is it ok to be doing this being fully aware of what’s going on? Surely the smart thing would be to not indulge myself…