Too much noise

There is too much noise in our lives. We surround ourselves by so many things it’s no wonder that we feel overwhelmed sometimes. The ironic thing about all of this is the fact that we bring it on ourselves. We are the ones who are doing it to ourselves and it doesn’t make any sense.

The thing to remember is that since we’re the ones inflicting this upon ourselves, we can also not inflict it on ourselves.

My phone doesn’t have sound notifications. I turned off all the unimportant ones and that means that my phone never goes off unless someone is trying to ring me. I don’t even carry my phone around in my pocket. It’s normally in another room or somewhere out of reach. It’s less noise for me.

Emails are not important. Text messages are not important. Social networks are not important. If someone isn’t contacting you via the phone, it’s generally not important.

Take a step back and give yourself some breathing room.