Butchered my lawn

I finally got round to cutting my grass. I posted earlier that there is always some reason or other for me not to do it, be it weather or a neighbour. Well, I was getting my lawn mower out, headphone on listening to “Stuff You Should Know” and my home phone started to ring. MY HOME PHONE NEVER RINGS… EVER!

Then ensues a conversation with my mother for about 10 minutes. We make plans to go out somewhere and both hunt around our homes to see if we can find suntan lotion (having listened to a recent episode of “SYSK” I now know how important it is).

I get off the phone and start to cut my grass. My wife and I do not have cats or a single cat yet no matter when we go out there, there is cat poop. Lucky old me didn’t notice some and went straight over it with my lawn mower. That’s bad enough but I did it again some place else on my lawn.

My grass is now cut and it looks awful. The long grass and the wet condition of it has left it looking butchered.

I am happy that I didn’t run over a real fat earthworm and some slug. I hate killing anything.

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