Sharing and not caring

I have been actively shunning social networks for a couple of weeks and I am feeling the pull to them getting weaker every day. However I have a suspicion that although I’m not posting to social networks in any capacity, that urge is being fulfilled with posting on my blog. It’s interesting.

I do not recognise in myself a need to share what I do. I blog because I enjoy the process of writing. I write in my personal journal but that’s not enough apparently. I don’t write online in a blog to get people to read it on a regular basis or to comment, like or share. I prefer the idea of having people randomly come across what I do, like a chance encounter. I enjoy chance encounters. I write about a selection of things and maybe someday someone will search for something and find something I’ve written.

I remember the confusion I had from people I know what I publicly shared some side effects of the anti-depressant Citalopram.

I dunno.

I’m tired and want to write

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