I will cut the grass… tomorrow

I need to cut my grass. Each week that I don’t do it, it gets longer and means it’s going to be more work. In my defence, I’ve got other elements helping me with my procrastination:

  • It rains every time I’m going to do it
    It seems as though it rains on my days off and you can’t cut grass in the rain, nor can you cut it after it’s finished raining.
  • My crazy neighbour
    Unfortunately I live next to a man who for want of a better word is crazy. If me or my wife goes out into our garden he starts growling at us and starts calling us “a pair of cunts” among other things (even though we’ve never had any interaction with him). We do ignore it but it’s very tiresome. I’m gonna have to pop on my headphones and ignore him.

I need to stop writing this post and get on with it…

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