Caving into brain impulses

As I sit here I am feeling pretty good. I’ve had a bit of a mentally rough week. I think it’s because of how tired I am and because the days are getting darker which effects me.

I’ve had an alright day so far today though. I’ve been listening to music, thinking about stuff and playing Minecraft. All the stuff that adults need to do to unwind.

I’ve found myself overwhelmed by social networks again. I go through these phases. I become addicted to them and then I find that the connection is too much for me to deal with. Feeling out of control of my own behavior because of a stupid addiction to notifications isn’t a great feeling. It doesn’t make sense does it? We let brain impulses decide what we do, even if deep down we don’t want to do it.

It’s why I practice mindfulness because it helps train the mind to not give into to those impulses so much and if anything, put them into perspective.

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