My own digital time and space

I have had a day to detox from people. I’m someone who craves their own company. I often find myself “peopled out”. I work long hours with the public and I need time to just not be around anyone (my wife is excluded from that, being with her counts as me being alone).

Today has been a day of solitude.

I’ve spent the day watching TV, listening to music and doing odd chores around the house. It’s been a welcome break.

I’ve also been setting up my new laptop. I got a new laptop because I wanted one. My wife and I usually share one but we’ve found recently that one laptop isn’t enough between the two of us. There have been multiple times during the last few months when we’ve both wanted to use it and we’ve either had to wait for the other person to finish.

Just like I need my own space and time to myself, I also need my own digital time and space.

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