Caretaker of perishable good

When I came back from work earlier I noticed that there was a shopping bag full of fruit and vegetables on the pavement propped up against my gate. “Weird” I said to myself. I sidestepped it thinking that someone has obviously just left it there by accident and should be back for it later.

I got changed, made myself a cup of tea and put the TV on. Having just worked a long day I started to nod off on the sofa. Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was knocking at my door. With a start I woke up not knowing what was going on. Bang! Bang! Bang! The letter box went. I got up and opened the door. “Er I think you left your shopping outside” said a man. “Oh that’s not mine, it was there when I got back from work” I replied. The man looked a bit puzzled “Maybe someone left it for you” he answered. True. I didn’t think of that. My brother-in-law is a greengrocer but he doesn’t live anywhere near us and besides we’re seeing him this weekend, why would he drive all this way to randomly leave a bag of stuff? “I don’t think so, no one has mentioned it to us” I said. We both looked at each other. He opened it up to look at what was in it. I could see a pineapple on top. “I think someone has left it there and they might be back for it in a bit.” I added. The man looked at me and gave me a look to say “Yeah fair enough but it’s a bit weird no?”. He handed me the bag and left my front garden, getting into a car parked in the middle of the road with it’s engine still running and drove off.

I put the bag back where it was and went back to watching TV. I started to think about the situation. Someone has left a bag of fruit and vegetables outside my house for whatever reason. Maybe someone has left it outside the wrong house but why leave it outside the garden and not somewhere more secure?

I then thought about it some more. What happens if no one comes to collect it? I’ll have to dispose of it. What if I dispose of it now and then someone comes for it? What am I supposed to do in this surreal situation? Why am I now the caretaker of someone else’s perishable goods?

Sometimes life where I live is odd.

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