The man with the bag returns

This morning I was disturbed whilst eating my breakfast. Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was at my door.

It’s weird because generally no one ever knocks on my door and it’s twice in two days. I just assumed that perhaps my wife has ordered something online. I opened the door and the man from yesterday was there again, once more holding the random bag of groceries that was left outside my gate. “That bag is still there. Did you want it or could I have it?” I had just got up and was very confused. Did this man really come back to my house to ask for the bag? “I guess so. We don’t want it.” I replied. “Thanks buddy.” he said as he went back to his car which again was running in the middle of the road.

I closed the door and sat down. What is going on? Why did the man come back to my house? It’s just weird. I mean, I don’t know who’s bag it is or who it was intended for. Why did he feel the need to knock on my door again to ask for it? Why not just take it? What the Heck is he going to do with a bag of random stuff? Did he make the trip specifically back to my house on the off chance?

I reiterate what I said yesterday: Sometimes life where I live is odd.

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