Ethical shopping

Did you know that there are other places online to buy stuff that isn’t Amazon? Well there are a host of places that exist, they pay their fair share of tax and they treat their staff like human beings. The downsides are that there isn’t as much on offer, sometimes it can cost more and can take longer to arrive but at least you know that you’re being more ethical.

A quick disclaimer though: I am not getting paid nor am I getting any remuneration for sharing the following links.

By Madamebookmaster (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  • 7digital is where you can go to get your digital music from. There are mobile phone apps too. Not as big as a selection as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon but still my preferred way of getting music.
  • The Wordery is where I pretty much exclusively buy books from. Sometimes they’re actually cheaper than places like Amazon and you also get a free bookmark with each purchase which comes in handy!
  • Hive is slightly different from other online stores. They give a percentage of each transaction to an independent shop on the high street. You can buy DVDs, Blurays, books, vinyl as well as a bunch of other stuff.
  • Did you know that Oxfam has an online shop where it sells stuff you can get in their charity shops? Could you get more ethical than actually supporting a charity through your purchases?

This isn’t a comprehensive list of online retailers who are more ethical than Amazon but it’s a start. I will keep updating this as I find more.

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