This probably won’t go anywhere but you can’t blame someone for trying. Basically, I want to start an online community for people to meditate together. How am I going to do this? A hashtag.

So what is the hashtag? It’s #MeditateWithMe. The idea is very simple. When you’re about to meditate, you use the hashtag and hopefully it might encourage someone else to meditate at the same time as you, somewhere else in the world. Who knows? You might make a friend or two on the way.

As with most things, meditation can be practiced alone but it’s better as part of a community. I have practiced meditation for years but the few times I’ve done it with other people it made it feel special. If like me, you live somewhere where there isn’t really a community of people to meditate with, the internet is the next best thing!

You can follow the hashtag on Facebook here and Twitter here.

I’ve made an image for it too. It’s public domain so go for gold sharing it or whatever:

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