Do nothing

One night I started feeling strange. I had a slightly raised temperature but I just put this down to the heating being on. I went to bed, had very disturbed night’s sleep with hella crazy dreams. I woke up the next morning still feeling hot but now nauseated. I didn’t feel well. I went to work, not really thinking much about it assuming that I’d feel better when I busied myself. Throughout that day I went through waves of feeling ill and I longed to get home to sit down and relax. When I finished work, I started walking home in the cold January air, shivering as I went.

When I got home, I told my wife that I didn’t feel hungry yet so don’t worry about dinner, I laid on the sofa, grabbed a blanket and hoped to warm up and stop shivering. Well… I didn’t for a good while. I had ignored all the signs. I was ill. As a rule, I don’t get ill

To cut most of the attention seeking stuff out, I had got Norovirus and it was very unpleasant. I had to have time off work to rest and recuperate as the Norovirus ran it’s course. As I sat around for a few days I came to appreciate the act of doing nothing. Usually if I have spare time I will write, go on the internet or read a book but I just didn’t feel like it. Instead I just watched TV. A LOT of TV. In those three days I managed to watch a series of Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman, half a dozen documentaries and it was amazing. I have never been one to watch that much TV but now I was watching hours and hours a day of it.

True, I had all this time where I could be getting on with things. I could have used that time to be productive but instead I used the time to relax*. The sky didn’t fall in. If anything, nothing had changed. I learned a valuable lesson, it’s OK to do nothing**.

* To be fair, I had to relax, I was ill.

** Another lesson was that Norovirus is really unpleasant.

By Bheem.809 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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