Escapism through reading

I have just finished the book “The Long Cosmos” by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. It is part five and the last part of “The Long Earth” series. It has taken me quite a few years to get around to reading the whole series mainly down to me being too cheap to buy them and using my local library instead. Truth be told, my wife bought me a box set of all the books which is why I’ve now read the last part.

I’m not going to review it here. That’s not what I do. I just wanted to mark the occasion. I really enjoyed the series. I have a genuine affection for many of the characters. In a nutshell it’s about alternative versions of the earth which people can go between. The sad thing about the series is that it’s not true. For me, it’s been true escapism. The last time I enjoyed a series of books as much as that was probably “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which I am thinking about reading again.

It’s nice to be able to visit a place that doesn’t exist in your mind. I enjoy reading books because of this. TV and films are OK but they cannot compare. Like everybody says.

Anyway. That’s all.

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