Snow produces dicks

Today was shit. As far as days go, it started bad and got worse. It’s almost as if the snow brings out the worst in people. It’s frustrating. I mean, I understand that it’s a novelty for the places we all know to suddenly be covered in this white stuff that makes a satisfying crunching noise when you walk on it but people used it as an excuse to be dicks.

The High Street I work on is shut currently. Well, it’s closed to buses. All other traffic seems to be going down there. Earlier this morning, a van parked right outside the coffee shop, right outside the door on double yellow lines. A woman jumped out then a man. They came in and I said “I guess you’re taking away”. They said no. I replied “But they’re double yellow lines out there”. The man answered that the road was closed and I explained that it’s still be used by some traffic but the man had none of it. I told him that it’s up to him what he does to which he replied “Well if I get a ticket, I’ll pay it”. What kind of attitude is that? They sat down with their coffee in the window. They then saw that people were indeed using the road and that their van was in the way. Needless to say they quickly drank their coffees and left.

I do not understand people.

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