Anniversary snow

I have been sitting around drinking lots of tea and coffee watching TV. It’s how my wife and I have decided to celebrate our reaching a decade of being together. To be fair, there’s been bugger all else we can do since the weather has been somewhat different to usual. In fact, we were going to buy eachother cards. We were going to do it the day before but the weather being so bad, our local card shop was closed. (We were going to do eCards but we decided that we couldn’t be arsed with the amount of spam that would be thrown at us.)

We opted to have takeaway pizza but you know what? That was also closed. In fact, many of the takeaway places were shut. Fortunately one of our favourite places were still delivering do instead of pizza we had dirty burgers. Can’t go wrong with that.

It’s been a lovely couple of days. Ten years. Amazing.

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