Who is Carl?

Hello, my name is Carl and I am a freelance writer from Norwich, England.

I live a boring life however I am very interested in the way the human brain works and I enjoy thinking and writing about how my mind works (or at times doesn’t). I believe that blogging about the things I’m learning about might be of some value to others. I don’t think that everyone’s brain works exactly the same but they can work similarly.

I’m fascinated by how our brains process information. I believe that most of the problems we deal with in our lives are down to our perceptions of what is going on and that by looking at it from a different perspective we can find that situations aren’t as bad as they seem. I’m a firm believer that mindfulness and meditation is the key to a happier and mentally healthier life.

Whilst I haven’t actually studied any form of psychology I have read many books and have spent a lot of time introspectively looking at myself and others around me. There are better people out there who have a better grasp about the things I write about but I consider my blog to also be that of a journey that I want to share with people.

I officially started my journey on my 29th birthday in 2013. My family and I had finished eating my birthday dinner and we went for a little walk and ended up in a churchyard. As I was celebrating my 29th year of being alive I found a gravestone that was being covered up by a nearby bush. As I moved the branches it soon became clear that the person had been dead for about a year and was already being forgotten about. It was at the point that I started my journey to understand life more. I started reading more about meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism and things started to click.

I update my blog on a regular basis so it might be worth signing up to my email newsletter.

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