The Homepage of Carl : A man's journey to understand life, the universe and everything.

11 Wanting to disappear
11 I’m not who I pretend to be
7 It’s OK to do nothing
5 Silence
22 Bald
15 Do nothing
8 #MeditateWithMe
1 Breathe

20 Ethical shopping
17 Leaving his mark
16 The man with the bag returns
15 Caretaker of perishable good
14 I prefer winter
20 Structure
15 Negative perception of things
11 Caving into brain impulses
6 Someone in France hacked my Netflix account
5 Weirdos in a fantastic way
5 My brain feels spacious, not closed in
4 My own digital time and space
21 Media Bias
14 Unofficial Pilot Episode
12 Ethical Shopping
12 Why am I me?
11 Two sides of the coin
9 Sharing and not caring
8 Save The Future
6 Butchered my lawn
6 I will cut the grass… tomorrow
25 Thoughts on karma
24 What the noble eightfold path means to me
24 What the four noble truths mean to me
23 Five rules to live your life by
21 Meditation without the paywall
18 Just as the good times come to an end, so do the bad times.
31 It’s liberating to let go of things you don’t enjoy any more
28 Religion or spiritual practice should be FREE
28 Mindfulness knowledge should be free
25 Too much noise
22 “Going to work?”
21 Distracting myself with retro
20 YouTube Rabbit Hole
19 Register to vote
18 I’m not normal
17 I felt rested
11 The right balance
10 Distracting from my loves
8 Embrace who you are
17 No net for four days
16 Good Easter day
15 I like to be ambiguous
14 The joy of wonder
12 Not using the internet has proven how much I don’t need it
9 Week In Review
9 I’ve been off the internet for a few days
7 I need a break from the internet
6 I believe in decision fatigue
5 Pretend you’re not human
5 Life is a constant work in progress
4 My conscious stream
4 Silence isn’t happening
2 Coming to terms with being a bit of a dick
1 We’re all not that far off from animals
1 Eating foods in order of density
31 I couldn’t help but laugh at people today
30 Real Housewives
29 Flicking the light on to a new perception
28 Yoko Ono
28 A testament to my recent feelings
27 I feel like another species
21 Technology isn’t bugging me
17 Setting Myself Free
15 Treating days off like a tiny holiday
30 My wife and I shared complete awareness of our surroundings
28 Someone stole from me
27 The stuff I get away with saying
21 I’m treating each post like it’s my last

18 Meditation and mindfulness
18 Crow-barring Christmas
18 Scuttling away and scuttling back
11 Can’t sleep, here’s a blog.
6 So many pies not enough thumbs
2 The caveat
2 First week.
30 I’m on the “DuckSide”
27 Answering the call