How things are and how they are going

I am getting back on my feet. I’m looking into getting a flat of my own. I’m very excited about that prospect. I mean, I am currently living in a house that I can ill-afford between two neighbours who I can only say have a strange, strong dislike of me for whatever reason.

I’m surrounded by good people. I am fortunate in that way. I have a fantastic circle of friends and a family that I wouldn’t change for the world. Everyone is great.

I am writing this as I wait to start my second session of cognitive behavioral therapy. I think it has helped me so far. There have been times when I have had these horrible thoughts and I’ve been able to process them better which I am happy about.

I think that I am in a good place. I’ve not felt down for over a week and the suicidal thoughts haven’t been around for a few weeks. I am making great progress.


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