Anniversary snow

I have been sitting around drinking lots of tea and coffee watching TV. It’s how my wife and I have decided to celebrate our reaching a decade of being together. To be fair, there’s been bugger all else we can do since the weather has been somewhat different to usual. In fact, we were going to buy eachother cards. We were going to do it the day before but the weather being so bad, our local card shop was closed. (We were going to do eCards but we decided that we couldn’t be arsed with the amount of spam that would be thrown at us.)

We opted to have takeaway pizza but you know what? That was also closed. In fact, many of the takeaway places were shut. Fortunately one of our favourite places were still delivering do instead of pizza we had dirty burgers. Can’t go wrong with that.

It’s been a lovely couple of days. Ten years. Amazing.

Freed from my laptop

I’m going through a bit of a mobile phone revival at the moment. I have actively been doing what I can to organise myself as well as I can and my phone has actually become very valuable in that.

I’ve been able to install apps and streamline the ways I can be creative. I can blog, I can record podcasts, I can webcast, I can obviously take photos and videos. It’s a bit mad how much technology has come on. It’s actually freed me. I am no longer tied to my laptop. Yay.

In fact, my laptop and phone are all synced up. It’s mad.

I’m tired and I have sleepy tears in my eyes.

I’ll blog tomorrow.

Snow produces dicks

Today was shit. As far as days go, it started bad and got worse. It’s almost as if the snow brings out the worst in people. It’s frustrating. I mean, I understand that it’s a novelty for the places we all know to suddenly be covered in this white stuff that makes a satisfying crunching noise when you walk on it but people used it as an excuse to be dicks.

The High Street I work on is shut currently. Well, it’s closed to buses. All other traffic seems to be going down there. Earlier this morning, a van parked right outside the coffee shop, right outside the door on double yellow lines. A woman jumped out then a man. They came in and I said “I guess you’re taking away”. They said no. I replied “But they’re double yellow lines out there”. The man answered that the road was closed and I explained that it’s still be used by some traffic but the man had none of it. I told him that it’s up to him what he does to which he replied “Well if I get a ticket, I’ll pay it”. What kind of attitude is that? They sat down with their coffee in the window. They then saw that people were indeed using the road and that their van was in the way. Needless to say they quickly drank their coffees and left.

I do not understand people.

Reconnection with myself

I am on the last part of my holiday. I’ve had a relaxing time. It’s been a much needed break from my busy life. If anything, my time of rest has shown me that I do not give myself enough time to do nothing. I work very long hours and I am rarely able to switch off.

I’m not saying that distracting myself away from what’s going on in my life is a good idea but I’m saying that I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

I’ve reconnected with being an activist again. I forgot how passionate I used to be. I feel that again. I want to do what I can to improve things around me.

I feel good.

Escapism through reading

I have just finished the book “The Long Cosmos” by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. It is part five and the last part of “The Long Earth” series. It has taken me quite a few years to get around to reading the whole series mainly down to me being too cheap to buy them and using my local library instead. Truth be told, my wife bought me a box set of all the books which is why I’ve now read the last part.

I’m not going to review it here. That’s not what I do. I just wanted to mark the occasion. I really enjoyed the series. I have a genuine affection for many of the characters. In a nutshell it’s about alternative versions of the earth which people can go between. The sad thing about the series is that it’s not true. For me, it’s been true escapism. The last time I enjoyed a series of books as much as that was probably “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which I am thinking about reading again.

It’s nice to be able to visit a place that doesn’t exist in your mind. I enjoy reading books because of this. TV and films are OK but they cannot compare. Like everybody says.

Anyway. That’s all.

Distancing myself from technology

I’m enjoying ten days off work. I’m now over half way and I’m happy to report that it’s not flying nor is it dragging. It is going the correct speed.

I’m not sure what I want to write today but I felt like it so I thought I would.

My debit card details were stolen at some point in the last week. The bank are refunding the money that was stolen from my account and they’re sending me out a new card. It’s annoying but it’s been resolved.

As far as I’m aware I’ve taken as many steps as I can to stop this from happening again. In fact, it’s made me much more security conscious and I feel a Heck of a lot more secure than I used to. If anything it’s made me distance myself from technology. It’s hard to not become dependent on technology. We put our trust into it but that’s not always a good thing.

Unfortunately it’s not really possible for us to truly get away from technology. People rely upon it too much as a mode of communication. It’s very frustrating. More people need to use email.

I’m also working out a way to streamline the way I use the internet. I want to make this blog the hub of all my activity. It already lets me upload photos and blog posts to my social network pages. What more could I want?