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Author: Carl

Don’t agitate the sludge

I take a sip of tea and notice that there’s no sugar. Picking up the sugar, I become aware of someone watching me from another table. I have a little party trick of being able to rip many of sachets of sugar open all at once. I want to impress. I grab all the sugars I picked up ready to show off. Just as I finish I realise I don’t know how many sachets I need and also realise that the drink I have is much smaller than I usually get. I gently stir to not agitate the sludge at the bottom of my cup. The person is still watching. I act all cool taking a sip of the sweetest tea I’ve ever had. I play it of with a nod of “you knows it”.

Breakfast factory

I’m having breakfast and in people watching mode. It’s fun to watch how people react when they are shovelled into a room and have to know what they’re doing or they may look foolish in front of the others.

The repetition of the server saying “thank you” has turned into a noise empty of any feeling it used to have. Like a hinge every time you open that cupboard to get the teabags.

This place is a factory to turn hungry people into full people.

The renunciation

Yet again I’ve given up social networks. I am bored of them. In the past few weeks they’ve been more trouble then they’re worth. I’ve been added by three fake Facebook accounts and I know it’s the same person doing it. I can’t be bothered with it.

I would rather focus on what’s going on in real life instead of what is being projected by people.

See you in real life x

Love yourself

Embrace who you are. We are all somebody. We need to find out who we are. In finding ourselves can we begin to love ourselves. Loving ourselves isn’t easy especially when we are so critical. Is it possible to ever know ourselves?

We need to not judge ourselves.

Rebuilding bridges

I feel as though I’m in a good place. I am surrounded by lots of great people and I’m meeting lots of new friends all the time. Over the last few months I have lost contact with some people because of what has recently been going on in my life. But tonight I decided that it was time to rebuildĀ  those connections.

I have rejoined the Labour party.

New perspective

I feel good today. Yesterday wasn’t a good day. It was horrible. Today though, I feel pretty good.

I feel as though I have a new perspective of things. I still live the idea of getting a bean bag. A bean bag can improve any room and create a room.

Just thinking.

I’m going to go to bed.

I want stew.