Meditation and mindfulness

It’s no secret that I fully endorse mindfulness and meditation. It changed my outlook on life and it bugs me that people assume it is to do with religion. But it doesn’t. Headspace shows that. I suffer from depression and it helps me see my mental illness for what it is, a mental illness. (I know that sounds stupid but so what.)

Crow-barring Christmas

When you work in the hospitality trade for 45 hours a week, it’s hard to feel festive. Occasionally I have a little spare time so I’m crow-barring as much Christmas as I can. I think it’s working.

I love George and Mildred. I knew they made a film but I have never seen it and luckily it was scheduled as part of Christmas television. A staple of Christmas TV is movies based on popular TV shows so this killed two birds with one stone. I feel more festive for it.

Scuttling away and scuttling back

After staying in the shadows of the internet, I decided to make an effort with it again. I signed up to Twitter and started this blog. However I dried up. I promised myself that I wouldn’t share anything that I didn’t think was worth sharing and if I tweet, I’ll post it on here to go into more detail about it. A week passed and I only posted one thing. I suppose at least I’m sticking to what I said.

I am still here.

Can’t sleep, here’s a blog.

I woke up an hour ago and I’ve not been able to go back to sleep. I know it’s not a good idea to go to technology when you can’t sleep because the light it omits stimulates your brain in ways that keep you awake but I figured that I’ve got tweets to repost.

Whilst transferring my audio cassettes to digital I have time spare whilst I listen to myself warble on. I do not edit my audio series. I slice up the audio in Audacity, do some compression and normalization, convert it to MP3 and upload it. That is everything I do. It takes about an hour from pressing play to uploading 45 minutes worth of audio.

I forgot to mention that I’m unwell. I’ve got a weird cold that leaves me feeling drained.

Right, that’s it. I’m going to drink this hot chocolate and go back to bed. Catch some Susans.

So many pies not enough thumbs

I am finding it difficult to know what to do with my blog, twitter and audio series. I wanted to share something but I didn’t know how I wanted to share it.

Let me break it down. Something happened earlier and I was going to tweet about it. However, due to my new rule I would have to then blog about it. The problem isĀ  that I can then not talk about it on my audio series. I know this isn’t a real problem and that covering the same thing multiple times doesn’t matter but I now have to select how I want to share things. It’s weird.

I’m not going to tweet much. It’s only when I’m in the mood for it.

I’m never going to be in the mood to selfie.

The caveat

I’ve meant to post something of worth today but I cannot muster it. Earlier I sat in bed with the intention of doing something longer than I have been. Nothing came.

So far, my blog has seen me posting something I’ve tweeted and I go into more information. That’s the caveat of my return to Twitter, I won’t post anything unless I am prepared to go into more detail about it on my blog. It’s stopped me from posting to Twitter today because I’ve had a long boring day.

I tried almond milk. I’ve had it before but I am not a fan. I’ve recently transferred over from cows milk to goats milk. It’s healthier and easier to digest. It’s also helps some skin conditions. Interesting huh?

First week.

I came out of blogging retirement last week and I have realised something. I missed it. Like, I really missed it.

I’ve come to learn that I blog when I’m happy and when I disappear from the internet I’m unhappy. The fact that I’m posting again has shown me that I am on my way to being happy again.

I have been awake for far too long already today. I keep staring into space and taking long pauses from typing.

I’m on the “DuckSide”

I know that I seem like some tinfoil wearing nutter who is paranoid over nothing but it is concerning how much information gets collected about you on the internet. I use a website called “DuckDuckGo” when I search for things online. They don’t track you nor do they sell ads based on your “anonymous profile”.

I also do not use Amazon.

For books I go to the Wordery and for my music downloads I go to 7digital. I am on a quest to leave the smallest digital footprint I can.

Answering the call

I keep hearing my name being called from the internet. It’s as if there is part of my brain that has a need for it. It’s like a friend I used to hang out with but we grew apart (although it was me that wasn’t returning the calls and blanked the internet when we passed in the street.)

I don’t know why I’m here now. I guess I feel inspired. I watched a video of a dude who gave up his daily vlog. I’ve come across him a couple a times in the past but nothing other than that. I watched a couple more of his videos and his enthusiasm reminded me a lot of my enthusiasm way back. The irony is, the dude is actually older than me. It made me see that I’m not too old to live with a little bit of fantasy.

I’d like to say I’m going to post more but I only want to share stuff I’m happy with creatively.

I suppose it’s a matter of time before I start up in Twitter again…