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Coming to terms with my athiest leanings

I sit here listening to a Kate Bush record as I come to terms with the knowledge that I am considered some hipster turd who embraces old technology to be alternative. I’m not trying to be anything specifically, I’m just who I am. I was brought up to be just that.

I am coming to terms with my atheist leanings too. People used to annoy me with their almost fanatical non-beliefs. I would see people challenge people who were religious and making them feel like dog shit in the process however I have since learnt in my interim years that religious people do that exact same thing. They are condescending because they know they’re right and that Heaven won’t hold people like me, even if I am a nice guy. If only I believed in a God!

I read an article in the Guardian about how atheism will die out because religious people tend to not use any form of birth control and religious parents will begat religious children (in most cases). I think the same thing can be said about smart people not wanting to have kids although this will paint me in an unfavourable light. So I never share that with anyone.

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