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Eat, sleep, perform

As I start to write I ask myself two questions; why am I writing and do people want to read what I’m potentially writing? I feel as though my life has been changing a lot and I need to document it. I used to write a journal but that fell to the wayside some time ago.

As I continue to write this I am thinking about what I want to write and if I should be sharing my life in a public way. I am private. Over the last four and a half years I have worked in a job that doesn’t let you switch off. I have been a coffee shop barista and it requires a certain amount of performance. Doing that day in, day out has taken it’s toll. Performing for over forty hours a week to people is exhausting. Eat, sleep, perform. I’m so done with it.

I’m on holiday. It’s the longest that I’ve gone without going into work for a long time and I feel that I am reconnecting with my former self. The self that was able to switch off more than I have been. It’s been exactly what I’ve been begging for. I feel recharged and I still have a few days left.

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