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Eating foods in order of density

I used to think that I was a normal person but it turns out that I have a number of foibles that are unusual. I might cover these in future posts because I think some of them are amusing.

I’m bad at eating breakfast. I go without more often than eating it. I’m not happy about it but I’m doing my best to eat it every day. I now take breakfast up to bed with me so there is no excuse of me not eating it. I eat a cereal bar then a banana. ALWAYS in that order.

I sat here this morning thinking about it. I have to eat them in that order. If I have an apple and a banana, the apple has to go first. The reason? It’s hard. I have to eat foods in order of density. I don’t like the way it makes my teeth feel.

Yep. I am weird.

I also have a slight side foible when it comes to eating my lunch. I usually eat my crisps first because I want to enjoy the sandwich. If the sandwich isn’t very good, I’ll go sandwich then crisps. Sometimes, half sandwich, realise how good the sandwich is, crisps, then other half of sandwich.

Man, I’m odd.

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