Five rules to live your life by

If I had to pick a religion that I most identify with I’d say it’s Buddhism. I’ve read a lot of books about it and I agree with the majority of it.I’m going to write a few posts about it and I hope that it’ll explain why.

When I sum up my outlook on life, I live my life under the saying “Don’t be a dick”. That’s the most shortened version I could come up with. It covers pretty much everything I do and don’t do. Some Christian faiths have the ten commandments, Buddhism has five:

Don’t kill: Pretty self-explanatory. This goes for humans and animals. It could be argued that eating meat is a form of killing but unless that specific animal was killed especially for you (“in your name”) then that isn’t a form of killing. I’m an occasional vegetarian. I don’t go out my way to eat meat and I’ll usually choose a vegetarian option should there be one.

Don’t steal: Again, very obvious. Taking what isn’t yours is bad. I’m not a full-blown minimalist but I believe that most people have too much stuff and feeling the need to steal somebody else’s is a step further.

No sexual misconduct: As long as it’s legal and consenting it’s ok.

Don’t lie: Lying to knowingly trick somebody isn’t good. You’ll hurt that person and other people.

Don’t drink alcohol: I would extend this to any forms of mind-altering substances too. To experience life you need a clear head and drink and drugs will not help you.

This is obviously a brief overview and as you can see, it’s very easy to keep to the five precepts of Buddhism. I’d say the majority of people are already part Buddhist.