Going on holiday with myself

We’re all on a journey that will ultimately come to an end. We get distracted by the things around us and before we know it, we’re dead. I have found myself going through the motions a lot as of late and it’s not good for me at all. I have been doing what I can to embrace elements of my character as well as embark on things that are out of my comfort zone.

It’s hard finding yourself on your own in life after a decade of being with someone. There are memories that you have of places that are so ingrained in your psyche that you cannot help but feel sad that you no longer have someone to share those memories. I’m embracing the idea of being on my own. I have no problem eating on my own in a restaurant, the same goes for the cinema. I used to freak out at the idea of doing stuff like ordering food and talking to people in shops but having embraced it, it’s more natural and it’s nice being able to be more chatty with people.

I have been finding myself. What it’s like to be a single man about town, exploring all on my own. It’s liberating and I am enjoying it. There is a train of thought that people go on holiday to escape their problems but what they don’t realize is that their problems are based on themselves. No matter where you go, unless you are content with yourself, going on holiday with yourself tagging along is no fun.


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