I had a little day out today. Well, it was in a way, it was more of a very packed four hours. I needed to pick up a few things from the city and I have a little competition with myself to see what my quickest time is. This might just be my benchmark.

When I shop, I don’t mess around. I have a list of things I need to get, I know the shops I need to go in. I even know the rough order of the shops I’ll be visiting. I’m not someone who gets joy from window shopping.

Today was three shops with a strict list of items. I deviated but it was a cheap shop so no big deal and it was stuff that I needed. I also factored in getting some lunch. I took it with me. I had a flask of coffee, a sandwich and a packet of crisps. Some people may think this very cheap of me but I argue that it’s dumb to buy food that you already have at home. Granted a coffee shop coffee will taste better but as a rule, they’re an expensive and it’s silly to waste money.

I’m going through a kick of saving money where I can. There’s a fine line between saving money and wasting money. It’s a subject that I will touch upon on my other website when I get a chance.

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