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I’m not the me from 3 months ago

I sometimes just want to write exactly what I’m thinking like a stream of consciousness. I’m having one of those times now. I just feel philosophical and reflective. To say the last couple of months have been eventful would be putting it bluntly. As tough as the time has been for me I feel stronger for it and I feel as though I’m making my way to a good place, albeit a very different one to what I am used to.

I’ve applied to rent a flat. It would be easier for me to stay where I am but my neighbours don’t like me, the flat I found is cheaper and this house holds too many memories for me and really, I need to start somewhere new. Almost as if it’s a “being born” again but as a different me to what I was.

We’re never really ourselves. Our minds are reshaping constantly. I’m not the same me who was around at the beginning of March. I’m a completely different person. I now have friends, I socialize. I’m also working on me feeling uncomfortable when I hug people. I’ve not done this before.

I feel truly blessed knowing the people that I know. Who’d have known I could find more people to like me.

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