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Life is a constant work in progress

It’s my day off today. I’m looking forward to spending time with my wife in Norwich. We’re going to get breakfast and then maybe lunch somewhere. I don’t have many plans for what to do in Norwich. I would like a new rucksack because my current one has definitely seen better days. I’m very bad at buying stuff for myself. I feel guilty because I argue to myself that I don’t really need new things. Honestly, I don’t need a bag just yet, the bag I have still functions but the many years I’ve had it. My tastes have changed and I want more out of my bag.

I’ve always been in love with the idea of a bag that I could carry around that would have everything I need in it for me to be creative wherever I am. The bag I have now has a few things in it that I need but not everything. It only has two compartments too so I have to rummage around it to find stuff. I usually work with pen and paper and trying to find a pen that might not be at the bottom of a bag is annoying. I know a lot of people are able to use their phones to be creative but I find that a struggle.

I am actively trying to blog on my phone more often but I find it frustrating. I’ve always loved the idea of doing it “on the go” and “out in the field”. Every smart phone I’ve had hasn’t been up to it. I even had a HTC Desire Z because it had a full keyboard. I couldn’t get along with it.

I think I need more patience. Life is a constant work in progress.

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