Lucid in the sky with diamonds

I’ve been feeling really good today. I feel positive and as though things are actually going alright. It’s at these times that I do what I can to build a strong foundation for myself when I’m not feeling good. It’s like I’m also my carer for when I’m down.

I’ve set up a few triggers for when I’m down. If people send me a text with the words “you’ll be OK” I will send out a tweet stating “this too will pass” and I’ll be sent a notification to my phone a link and an image to try snap me out of my funk.

I bought myself a bracelet. I think it will genuinely help me stay grounded. I often refer to myself when I’m like this as “Lucid Carl”. I consider the bracelet to be the ever present presence of “Lucid Carl”. The next time my brain starts spiraling I hope the the bracelet will help anchor and remind me that the mood I’m in will pass.

I’m embracing who I am. I’m letting me meet myself and become more comfortable. It’s really nice. I’m actually quite an alright person.


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