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My conscious stream

I remember way back when, I would sit down at my desktop PC and write multiple posts throughout the day, writing down whatever it is I was thinking about. Life was so different back then, I’d stay up all night and the internet was a magical place that I never wanted to leave. The internet is now just part of life. Pretty much everybody is on it, even my Mum.

It would be at this point that I would start to write about whatever the first paragraph was about. My conscious stream is something to behold. If I set myself going I usually get to a point where I start having something to say and so I’ll say it. Usually on the second or third read through I would normally drop the first paragraph but because I want to leave it in, I’m going to leave it in.

I really enjoy challenging myself to stuff like this. I’ve recorded many podcasts over the years and they all revolve around the idea of not ever planning stuff. Basically, hitting record and then uploading it. Never editing or listening to it back. It’s why I’m able to upload a Hell of a lot of audio. As I write this, I’ve not recorded a new episode of “Man in a Room” for a few weeks and I don’t have to upload a new one until May.

Writing is different. It’s indexed, can be copied and pasted as well as dissected to find grammatically mistakes. The writing process takes longer for me because I am able to go back and edit and edit and edit.

I am enjoying doing this blog again. I do think that my podcast may suffer for it.

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