First day of campaign week

I have just got back from the first campaign day of the Labour campaign week that my wife and I signed up for (and which she did some organizing for). It always feels good to be out campaigning as it’s nice to be able to stand up and say “You know what? I care about this enough to go out there and talk about it!”.

We had a load of volunteers outside on the High Street to get people to sign a petition to call for the local UKIP Councillors who defected to the Conservatives to resign and stand again as Conservatives as part of a by-election. They then pointed people towards our temporary drop-in centre at the library where I was making teas and coffees and to chat with people about what it is we’re trying to do.

2017-11-18 10.51.30

We had a few non-members come up and chat to us about things and it was very pleasant having conversations about what mean a lot to us.

There’s a few more things planned for next week, culminating in more of what went on today. I feel good about it and can’t wait to take part more!


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