Boris Johnson needs to be sacked

Sitting down to watch the news it soon becomes clear that politicians are excellent at not answering direct questions.

At the moment it’s a question whether Prime Minister Theresa May should step down (by choice or forcibly) or if Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson should be sacked. Sack the man who is allegedly organising a mutiny or let the alleged mutiny take place?

It’s not something the Conservative party wants to deal with hot on the heels of their Party Conference. They’re having to wheel out various Conservative MPs to publicly support Theresa May and not say anything too bad about Boris Johnson and dodge questions about all of this usually by bringing up Jeremy Corbyn or by reciting policy.

Viewers of the “The Thick Of It” will see straight through all of this.

What would be the best situation? I’d probably say getting rid of Boris Johnson. The man is a joke and honestly does more harm than good. The man is a clown without make-up. Without fail, anybody I speak to Boris Johnson about (left or right leaning) thinks he is a joke and doesn’t take him seriously. I mean, there’s a real chance that he could become Prime Minister. Shit, he’s already Foreign Secretary.

Theresa May needs to get rid of Boris. He’s embarrassing.


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