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Silence isn’t happening

I used to get annoyed about the lack of silence when I meditated. You’re taught from the beginning when you start meditating that you need to be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. However that is easier said than done. It used to frustrated but I soon realised that silence, no matter what I’m doing is never going to be achievable.

Earlier I began my daily meditation as usual when I heard a shitstorm kicking off next door with a kid throwing a huge screaming tantrum (My wife and I don’t have nor do we ever want to have children but still have to endure all the shitting parts of child rearing). I’m not kidding, the kid was sent to it’s room and continued to go mental. I could have got up, moved to another room but why should I do that? I’m not going to escape the sound of it.

I figured that it might be a good exercise to see if I could practice mindfulness with all this hullabaloo going on. It was tough but I managed to make it part of my meditation. Not an integral part but it wasn’t an issue for me any more.

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