Strict with myself

Today is a day that is the opposite of productive. I don’t want say unproductive, I want to say lazy.

I’ve got all the stuff done that I was supposed to, it just took me absolutely forever which is because I started watching TV. As a rule, I don’t watch TV regularly but when I do, I really go for it. I’m someone who when they do something, I’ll go for it to the Nth degree. I woke up, had breakfast and started looking into various jobs. I then put on some YouTube. Then more YouTube. Then Some Netflix. Keep going up until a little while ago.

I cooked dinner earlier but I didn’t get around to washing up. In fact, I was midway through binging a new TV show when I went to the kitchen and saw that there was stuff that needed to be put away and washed up. I was strict with myself. I went back to the living room and turned the TV off, threw my rubber gloves on and off I went.

It didn’t even take that long. I would have been almighty pissed off tomorrow morning had I had to get up to that. I’m glad I sorted it out.

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