Ethical Shopping

Amazon is a massive company. It’s hard to deny that it’s easier and often cheaper to use them. They pay literally no tax in the UK which is bad for the country. I avoid using Amazon when I can. It is difficult and sometimes more expensive but it makes me feel better. Here is a list of websites that I’ve found that are a bit more ethical… I am not paid by the companies I’m linking to here.

I buy my MP3s from 7digital. The choice isn’t as big as the bigger companies but that can’t be helped. I won’t use iTunes, Google or Amazon unless I have to.

I buy books from a website called Wordery. They’re not bad for price and they get your books out quite quickly. I used to use a site before but it turned out it was Amazon pretending to be an independent seller…

There’s a website out there which you buy things from and it gives money to a designated local shop to support it. It’s called Hive. My wife has used it and she didn’t have any problems with it.

A great way to spend your money and support charity is to use charity shops to buy second-hand goods. Well Oxfam have set up an internet one. I’ve never used it but it is a fantastic idea.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but at least it’s a start.