When surrounded by beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather it is a crime to not go outside and enjoy it. It sounds odd but this last week, I have gone on the same walk three times and have done the same thing each time. I have tried to find some new detail or nuance of the place I’m visiting. I’m 35 years old and I have visited this spot it must be a hundred times yet I am still able to find wonder and beauty in it and I think that it’s true with most cases if we give ourselves the time to do it.

I keep banging on about stopping and smelling the flowers but we often don’t do that. We just walk past familiar places and take it as read that we’ve been there, done that.

Today whilst I was visiting this place I witnessed someone’s first ever visit and the wide-eyed expression of wonderment filled me with actual joy that I had to speak to them.

“Do you know the legend of this tree?” I asked them.
“No.” they replied with intrigue.
“The legend goes that a witch with a wooden leg was buried here in the middle of this church and her wooden leg sprouted it” I said. The look on his face was amazing. “It’s been here some time,” he observed “It’s an oak tree!”
“I know right! This church is actually mentioned in the Domesday book so God knows how long this tree has been here!”

I love telling people that story. It’s so far out of left field that nobody can believe it. I mean, clearly it’s not true but still. We all too often forget about how amazing our surroundings are.

That’s right, I’m going full on hippy mode.

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