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Month: May 2018

The Up and The Downs

Here I am. I’ve not posted in a while because my mental illness has flared up. Just over two months ago, my wife left me. We had been together for ten years and married for five. I’m not going to go into any more detail about that but I want to share how felt mentally.

It was a shot out of the dark and it sent me on a spiral with ups and downs. I’ve actually felt so much better recently but a couple of days ago I found out that she’s already moving on and it sent me on a spiral to where I was when she first left me. Those two months of hard work seemingly wiped out.

We’ve decided to not have any contact for a little while so I can get better.

I feel as though it’s the right way to go. I’m surrounded by really good people who go beyond the call of being supportive. I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people.